Pepón Osorio is best known for provocative large-scale, multimedia installations that merge conceptual art and community dynamics. His visual language, explosive and elegant, challenges traditional art canons with richly textured monumental assemblages that travel far beyond accepted notions of beauty and aesthetics. He emphasizes the exhibition space as an intermediary between the social architecture of communities and the mainstream art world and incorporates a multiplicity of objects to recreate fantasy-like quotidian environments—from barbershops to home interiors and taxis—that advance critical discussions. 


Osorio has worked with well over 25 communities across the U.S. and internationally, creating installations based on the real life experiences of those communities. He has strategically placed his work at the center of daily activity in order to reposition the role of art and the artist in contemporary society. His work draws from his richly varied personal experience, nuanced observations of complicated human relationships, and the exploration of spatial relationships alongside the presence of human physicality and spirituality.