Philadelphia Contemporary was founded in 2016 by Harry Philbrick with a vision of expanding Philadelphia's art community through multidisciplinary collaboration and experimentation. Since then, we have built strong relationships with organizations who share the same deep love for our city and who have encouraged us to challenge the way our communities interact with arts organizations.  

2020 has been a challenging year. The mission of Philadelphia Contemporary to create a collaborative, dynamic art hub where all are welcome is vital, now, more than ever.  We hope that with your support we can get just a little closer to realizing an organization that centers and celebrates the communities of Philadelphia through sustainable, comprehensive, and equitable practices. 


We would like to acknowledge and thank our former PC Now co-chairs for their commitment to and support of Philadelphia Contemporary


Co-chairs 2018: Sueyun Locks and Jennifer Rice 

Co-chairs 2019: Mati Bonetti de Buccini and Eduardo Ardile


Philadelphia Contemporary presents cross-disciplinary art that reflects the diversity and vitality of Philadelphia. We thrive through a dynamic and sustainable model of collaboration and partnership. We are developing a substantial new building as a permanent home: it will be accessible, welcoming, and surprising.


Create a globally oriented hub for contemporary art that is deeply rooted in the diverse communities of Philadelphia. Create a building that serves and delights artists, visitors, and enhances Philadelphia’s cultural ecosystem. Champion a vibrant and sustainable business model based on partnerships and collaborations. Educate and empower youth through art.


Respect and nurture art, artists, our staff, and our community; welcome and engage audiences; strive for excellence; embrace diversity.